What is CANstarter?

CANstarter is a communication campaign in Slovakia and Czech Republic promoting the idea of recycling of beverage cans. The campaign calls for industrial designers’ concepts to create moving objects made from beverage cans (particularly from beer, energy and soft drinks cans) without an intention to promote specific beverage brand or category.

Why cans?

Beverage cans are fully and infinitely recyclable without any quality loss. Reusing recycled metals saves as much as 95% of the energy needed for can production. 72% of drinks cans are recycled across Europe. In contrary, this percentage is extremely low in Czech and Slovak Republic. Canstarter has intention to increase awareness about recycling of beverage cans, particularly among young population.

CANstarter challenge

In March 2015 four Czech and three Slovak industrial designers will submit concepts of moving objects made from can. During April Facebook fans vote for two best concepts – one Czech, one Slovak. These two winning concepts will become real objects and will be promoted introduced to public at summer festivals in Czech and Slovak Republic.

Why moving object?

A recycled beverage can be back as a new product in the store just within 60 days. This is extremely short time. Moving object reflects this “loop”.

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Fresh start for used cans

Acclaimed Czech artists and young Slovak designer talents met in CANstarter, a creative competition that aims to motivate young people to recycle beverage cans. Their mission is to build moving object made of beverage cans and to point out the endless circulation of this beverage packing materials.

BevCan East company successfully launched Czechoslovakian project CANstarter, which main aim is to explain in fun and playful way benefits of using beverage cans. The competition is looking for the best designs of moving objects made precisely of used beverage cans. Seven young students are participating - three designers from Slovakia and four well known artists from Czech Republic. The mission was clear: “Create interactive, moving object using beverage cans.”

“It was indeed interesting for me to participate in CANstarter competition and connect artistic intentions with public interest. I´m really glad that I can bring the process of recyclation to people in unconventional way, while showing stuff that can be made out of cans. Such projects offer the opportunity to bring certain art forms to the audience, which normally do not encounter with it,” evaluates his project participation Martin Novosedliak.

Canstarter Facebook profile is the main communication channel for spreading this idea. The vote for best moving object made of cans was launched right here on April 1st. Until the April 15th CANstarter initiative fans can vote with their likes for the most interesting visualization or design. The completion is running both in Slovak and Czech Republic, while Slovak residents can also vote for Czech ideas and vice versa. The winning designs will be brought to the reality by designers and will be presented at summer festivals, in Slovakia at Bažant Pohoda, in Czech Republic at Rock for People. In addition, everybody who will support designers with their Facebook like can win tickets for above mentioned festivals. (You can vote here:

The object, characteristically called “CANstarter” shows the endless cycle of cans and material that are made of, thus aluminium.

“The aluminium is 100% recyclable and one tin-can we can recycle over and over again. Whole life cycle including its melting, followed by re-placing them back to the stores takes less than 60 days. That exact amount of time will be given to the winner, to construct their moving object,” explains Zoltán Mak, BevCan East representative.

Non-profit organization BCME (Beverage Can Makers Europe), that associates the major beverage can producers, holds patronage of the competition. Their aim is to encourage consumers to recycle and use cans as the ideal beverage packaging. There are 72% recycled cans in whole Europe, in Czech Republic and Slovak Republic this percentage is way lower. However, beverage cans are countless times recyclable without any loss of material quality. From all of the beverage packing, cans are offering the longest lifespan.

CANstarter competition



Link for voting:


CANstarter winners

Congratulations to Canstarter winners! Are you planning to visit Rock for People festival and try to live in a mobile house made out of cans? Or would you rather prefer to get back to the roots and have fun o a swing made out of cans on Bažant Pohoda festival. The choice is yours :)

Winning concept from Paulína Lišková - Swing and Dragonfly



Winning concept from Pavel Karous - Mobile House

Canstarter on summer festivals





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