About our events

About our events

BevCan East encourages the recycling of used beverage cans. Each recycled can reduces CO2 emissions and saves energy and resources.

BevCanEasts aim is to inform young people about the awareness of dealing with aluminum cans, as well as steel cans. It is a rare secondary material that should be necessarily collected separately. In further recycling processes many resources and energy can be saved and it is an important contribution to environmental protection.

BevCanEast focuses on the information and education of children and youth in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Educational packages with an attractive educational film are offered. The educational material helps to increase environmental awareness in general and the recycling rate of beverage cans by supporting their separate collection.

BevCanEast is the partner of major events, festivals and promotions. People get informed through games and competitions, art and creative workshops. These activities are about aluminum packaging material, its advantages and possibilities of further processing and use.

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