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Can Art Competition


Results of the Can Art Competition


Brno and Bratislava, 22.12.2014 / We would like to announce the winners of the can art competition. The main aim was to create innovative art from used aluminum beverage cans.

28 participants from Czech and Slovak Republic participated with their beautiful and interesting creations. It was really hard for the BevCan evaluation committee to decide which one is the best. Finally they decided as follows.

Czech Republic


1. Marie Blaňková, Brno: Betlehem

2. The elementary school, Kravsko: The Owl


3. Hana Kovaříková, Brno: The Rose


1. Alena Mária Blažíčková, Bratislava: The Train

2. Danica Mlynáriková, Košice: The Chandelier

3. Miroslava Jenčová, Čaklov: The Gold Heart


Photogalery of all works:

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