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Beverage can producers association BevCan East didn't miss the opportunity to showcase their activities at Slovak music festival Bažant Pohoda with their new project CANstarter. During the festival they introduced a creative concept of a swing and a dragonfly, both made out of recycled cans.

The project appeared at Pohoda for the first time. It is an educational activity which aims to convey in an entertaining and playful way the advantages of using beverage cans. In the course of two months the project looked for the best concepts of movable objects made out of cans. Seven young designers from Slovakia and for renowned visual artists from Czech republic participated in the competition. Their task was to create a concept of an interactive mobile object out of cans.

Winner of the Slovak part of the competition was Paulína Lišková who introduced her creative concept of a swing and a dragonfly made out of cans. The swing captures movement and serves as a metaphor for the life cycle of cans that are being resold after they are recycled. Dragonfly, on the other hands, symbolises the swiftness and lightness of recycling.

The object, fittingly called CANstarter, showcased the infinite life cycle of a can and the material it's made out of - aluminium. "It was really interesting to be a part of the CANstarted competition and merge artistic and public design. I am glad that I can teach people about the recycling process in an unorthodox way and show what can be done with cans," says Paulína Lišková, winner of the Slovak competition.

"72% of cans are being recycled in Europe, but this number is significantly lower in Slovakia and in Czech republic. What's interesting is the we can recycle and reuse cans forever. The whole cycle of melting the can and its reintroduction in supermarkets takes less than 60 days. That's how much time the winner of our competition had to create their project," explains Zoltán Mak, BevCan East representative.

Project CANstarter was introduced at Pohoda by beverage cans producer BevCan East in cooperation with ENVI-PAK company that collects and evaluates waste. Together they entertained festival goers in an original way using only beverage cans.



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