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BevCanEast prepares attractive educational packages for elementary and secondary schools which are important aid in educational and training activities with the aim to increase environmental awareness e.g. within chemistry and environmental education, but also in extracurricular activities - summer camps, school camps etc. The prepared material should help students to inform about lesser-known topics of aluminum, besides its history, production, life cycle, but also the importance of recycling aluminum beverage cans.

In 2012, an educational package was already sent to the primary schools and gymnasia in Brno and Ostrava - where separate collection systems for the aluminum beverage cans are already implemented in the Czech Republic. In 2013, the distribution was already done in Bratislava and Košice (Slovakia). The next distributions are planned in Opava and Prague.

This package is a comprehensive educational material that serves to raise awareness of the collection and recycling of drinks cans. The movies (12 and 13 minutes) are the main sources of information. These materials are getting updated at the moment, and the latest version will be distributed in 09/2014.

The education kit includes:

  • Information material and recommended concept for teachers
  • 2 movies on DVD for the age group 10-16 years and 16 +
  • Test for each age group
  • Evaluation tests
  • A questionnaire for feedback from teachers

If you are interested in an educational package from BevCanEast, please contact us: +420 545 216 344 or send an e-mail to:

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