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Keep the can within its closed loop!

A recycled beverage can could be back as a new product in the shelf just within 60 days.


Did you know?

  • Recycling every can reduces CO2 emissions by up to 95%!
  • The can is the most recycled drinks package in the world!
  • Cans are light-proof and hermetically sealed, providing ultimate protection and freshness!
  • Because it's such a lightweight, a truck carrying cans is able to transport twice as much liquids as a truck loaded with bottles.
  • 72% of drinks cans are recycled across Europe!
  • Cans chill quickly and feel extra-fresh to the touch!
  • Beverage cans are fully and infinitely recyclable without any quality loss!
  • Cans offer the longest shelf life of all drink packages.
  • Each beverage can recycled saves 95% of energy necessary to produce new virgin material!
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