Advantages of cans

Why do you think we are doing all this ? Because we believe in the beverage can and know, that it is an environmental friendly packaging! And the hard facts support us:


  • Save energy: Reusing recycled metals saves as much as 95% of the energy needed to make cans from virgin ores.
  • Recyclable: Beverage cans are fully and infinitely recyclable without any quality loss, again and again...and again...and again...
  • Permanent material: The material in cans is only used, not consumed. Because they are infinitely recyclable, metals are a permanent resource.
  • Quickly chilled: Beverage cans chill quickly and feel extrafresh to the touch.
  • Unbreakable: Unbreakable beverage cans are ideal for large events.
  • Material thickness: The sides of today’s beverage cans are only 0.065 mm thick – as thin as a human hair. Thanks to ongoing research and development, it is now possible to manufacture cans with far less material than before.
  • Light-proof: Beverage cans are absolutely light-proof, protecting the quality of light-sensitive beverages such as beer.
  • Stackable: The flat ends and characteristic shape of beverage cans means that a truck carrying cans is able to transport twice as much liquid as a truck loaded with bottles.
  • Hermetic seal: Being absolutely airtight, beverage cans keep oxygen out and fizz in, allowing beverages to stay fresh for longer.
  • Lightweight: Light and convenient, beverage cans are great for refreshments on the way.
  • Fresh: The characteristic sound of a can opening is a unique indicator that the drink inside is absolutely fresh.

The popularity of the can is increasing steadily and recycling quotes adapt to this trend. But we want more! We set ourselves the goal of a 80% recyclingquote within Europe till 2020. That is why we need you! Spread the word and share the information you find on this website with your friends. Together we can do it!

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